Lawn Hustler is a full service lawn care business, offering a wide range of lawn care options, including mowing, fertilization, trimming, landscaping, as well as the removal of leaves, stumps, and snow. 

Lawn Care


All yards are mowed between 3.5 – 4 inches, as this length allows for deeper roots to absorb water and nutrients. This length also helps keep weeds from growing. When possible, we stripe and checkerboard the yard for a pleasing look. All structures are weedeated and trimmed around, sidewalks and driveways will be edged, and grass will be blown off all hardscapes back into the lawn.

Tree Removal


Trimming is done at different times for different plants. All plants are trimmed back and shaped. We then clean up and haul off all of the clippings. Additionally, we can dig up any dead or unwanted plants and replace them with new ones.


Leaf Removal

Leaf/Snow Removal

Leaf and snow removal services available. For snow removal, we first remove as much as possible with the plow truck. The sidewalks and remaining areas are removed with snowblower and shovel. We always clear off the area in front of your mailbox as well. Call ahead if you would like salt put down.


Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

Stump removal of any size. Because of the multitude of factors involved in giving an accurate quote, such as tree type, fresh or rotten stump, amount of roots etc., please request an in person estimate.

Lawn Care


Custom landscape design available. Maps of the area are drawn to scale, and a variety of plant options and positions are proposed in each design.


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